Faith Bible Institute

What is Faith Bible Institute:

Faith Bible Institute (FBI) is a through the Bible course for every Christian. Students study chronologically through Every Bible Book & Doctrine in classes that meet only 1 evening each week. Over 57,000 Christians in over 1,400 churches across the US & on 7 continents have enrolled in FBI’s 3 year study. FBI combines verse by verse Bible teaching, student workbooks, and group classes to produce a life changing learning experience. Courses include six 17/18 week semesters (plus Electives).



When Is The Class:

Classes will meet on Monday Evenings.  

Typical Schedule:

6:30 - 7:20 Old Testament

 7:30 - 8:20 New Testament

 8:30 - 9:20 Theology.

Spring Semester will begin the week of January 21, 2019

How is the Class Conducted:

The class will take place one evening per week at Sardis Baptist Church.  The  Live classes are filmed at FBI’s Main Campus & viewed by DVD at the Church.

The Curriculum:

100% Bible centered (KJV) and distinctly Baptist, Conservative and true to the Fundamentals of the Faith. ♦ Chronological - Studying the Bible in the order the events actually took place. ♦ Comprehensive - Covering Every Book (usually verse by verse) and Every Major Doctrine of the Bible. ♦ Experience Tested - by over 54,000 students from over 1,350 schools throughout the US and on 7 continents. ♦ Practical & Exciting - filled with Personal Life Application.



Regular Semester costs include a $20 Application Fee and $66 Tuition. There is a $40 First Time Enrollment Fee your first semester only (not required for spouses). Spouses also receive a 50% Tuition discount ($33). Students receive $86 worth of textbooks their first semester and $36 worth of textbooks all other semesters at no additional cost!

First Semester: $126 (Spouse $53)

All other Semesters: $86 (Spouse $53)


The deadline to sign up to begin in Spring 2019 is November 15th, 2018.  We ask you to sign up by October 31 so we can ensure that we have enough students to meet the minimum.

. Additional students may enroll after these dates once a school is established, but only those enrolled before early deadlines are guaranteed to have textbooks for the first class and late fees are charged after early deadlines.

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